Raising the bar on Personal Defense firearms training to professional operator levels...

Course Contents

  • Course Pre-Requisites


  • Student Equipment List

    • Pens or pencils
    • Drinks, snacks, and a lunch.
    • Personal Handgun - (Optional) Personal firearms brought to class must be clean and in good operating condition every day. Firearms brought into the classroom must be completely unloaded and in a case or proper holster.
    • Ammunition - Minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for your handgun. Factory loaded ammunition only! No reloaded ammunition allowed.
    • Ear and Eye Protection - (Optional) Either shooting muffs or earplugs and impact resistant shooters glasses are required. Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended.
    • Holster (Optional)
      • A strong side belt holster that properly fits your handgun with a retention strap or some type of passive retention or absolute fit to your handgun.
    • Clothing - Appropriate to weather and what you would normally wear as concealment cover..



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