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Private Classes Available

  • 2012-07-19 14:02:12 by Eric

    Means of Last Resort offers any of its classes or workshops to single individuals or small groups that wish to have private training.  This discreet service is most often used by "high profile" type individuals, or those that want to keep a low profile relating to their personal protection.  We also have special classes for those who are the victims of stalkers.

    These classes have become increasingly popular, can be scheduled to fit the needs of the participants and portions normally held in a classroom can be held at the participant's home or office.  Since we utilize private indoor and outdoor range facilities, participants can learn and hone their skills in complete privacy.

    Depending on the situation and location, discreet, private classes for two or more persons can often be held for no more than the normal class tuition.

    Please contact us via our website to receive more information on scheduling these classes.



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