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"Extreme Weaver"

  • 2013-11-02 10:41:23 by Eric

    My daughter, a police officer, calls it "gangsta" style.  Others have called it "Extreme Weaver"; I call it our "Advanced Pistol Combat System".

    It does, of course, look a bit "gangsta" with the pistol canted at about a 45 degree angle.  It also does employ what looks like what would be described as an "Extreme" Weaver position, with a much more radical bladed stance facing almost 90 degrees from the target.

    What our Advanced Pistol Combat System (APCS) is though, is a civilian defensive version of the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) system which was developed by Paul Castle and has been taught to special operations personnel around the world in the military, law enforcement and contractor communities.  It offers significant advantages over the (older) shooting methodologies being taught and utilized in other defensive shooting courses. And make no mistake; the APCS is a shooting system, not simply a new shooting stance.

    The advantage of the system include:

    • It was specifically developed to work in harmony with the body in the Body Alarm Response mode which significantly enhances and speeds the development of instinctive reaction skills.
    • The stance offers greater stability while offering less of a target.
    • Four easily transitioned positions work equally for pistol, rifle or shotgun, left or right handed shooters; however, the APCS deals specifically with pistols, and best with semi-automatic pistols.
    • The APCS offers unmatched weapon retention
    • Operators can engage and disengage rapidly, and offers extremely fast target to target transitions/acquisitions.
    • The APCS provides an increased field of vision as both eyes remain open while simultaneously eliminating the "double sight" phenomena.
    • The APCS utilizes either hand with extremely fast transition capability.
    • The APCS offers a significant reduction in felt recoil and "muzzle flip" allowing for unmatched post-shot target re-acquisition and thus allowing for blazing rates of highly accurate fire. Hit rates far surpass national averages.
    • Increased reload and stoppage clearing speeds.
    • Not only does the system easily adapt to multiple lethal and non-lethal weapon types, but also to multiple scenarios. It is especially suited to confined spaces, CQB situations, room entry, etc.
    • The APCS offers significant advantages to men and women of smaller stature due to less dependence on muscular endurance, strength and physical size.
    • Increased training efficiency due to identical techniques being used for situations such as shooting from vehicles and thereby it significantly accelerates the skills development process.



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