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NatGeo - "Doomsday Preppers"

  • 2012-02-25 21:25:00 by Eric

    An interesting show, actually.  No, I'm not certain that the axis of the earth will change and cause panic, or that a pandemic will sweep the land and cause the same... but on the other hand I can't say for sure those things won't happen.

    What I can say is that there is a higher likelihood that there will be some form of societal breakdown; perhaps not one that sweeps the nation (but who knows?), but certainly more that affect areas or regions like that which accompanied hurricane Katrina.

    Hurricane Katrina taught us many things, not the least of which is that storing 72 hours worth of food, water and other supplies for an emergency may be woefully inadequate.  Moreover we saw that in those kinds of situations there are many people that will take advantage of others by looting, and also that when people become desperate they are likely to do anything to get your food and other goods.

    Preparing for the worst, whether it be for a natural or man-made disaster does make sense; and including in those preparations a means to protect yourself and your loved ones from looters or marauders who would rather take from others than prepare for themselves is a logical step for which many people have turned to owning firearms.  (Over 1.5 million firearms were purchased last December alone.) 

    Owning firearms and knowing how to use them in a life-threatening situation are two completely different things.  Sure, you can load your firearm, and you know how to pull the trigger; however do you know when not to pull the trigger?  What happens when you miss with that shot and the bullet travels through a wall?  Will it strike a neighbor... or one of your own loved ones in another room?  Can you reload that firearm in the dark, by feel, in a matter of seconds?  If you become wounded, can your reload or clear a malfunction with one hand?

    Can you clear a hallway or do a high-risk room entry in the dark where an intruder might be waiting?  No, I'm not talking about you having the skills of a SWAT team member... but what if you awake to the sounds of breaking glass, and you have children sleeping in rooms in another part of the house... what if your daughter screams.  What you do in such situations is up to the individual; but if you feel you must act, do you have the knowledge and skills to act effectively and efficiently... and safely?

    The bottom line is that if you choose to protect yourself with a firearm, you need to have the knowledge and skills commensurate with the situations you may face with it, which means committing to ongoing training and practice, practice practice.

    Have you made contingency plans (Plan A, Plan B, etc.) for the possibilities you might face?  Do you have the necessary training and skills?  At Means of Last Resort we can provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to use a firearm effectively to protect your family under many of the circumstances you may face, and will even give special training in your home to show you the best ways to do so in your own particular environment.



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