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Concealed Carry

  • 2012-02-01 08:43:22 by Eric

    The question I get is "Why is your Concealed Carry course two days long when everyone else's is only one day?".  Yet to me, the question should be "Why is the Concealed Carry course only two days long!".

    Most concealed carry courses are one day in length and cover the knowledge and skills prescribed by the laws of the state to be the minimum requirement.  If the point of having a concealed carry permit/license is to carry a firearm to use as a means of last resort to protect yourself or your loved ones from grievous bodily harm, then simply having the minimum basic knowledge and skills required certainly doesn't meet the purpose: It isn't simply about being able to have the firearm; it's about being able to use it and win the situation.

    Towards that end, I want to insure that folks who I certify to carry a weapon have more than the prescribed minimum knowledge and skills, and the confidence in those skills to actually be effective should the situation ever arise.

    You'll notice that my courses cover significantly more information and skills than almost every other concealed carry class.  On the first day you'll spend 6 hours in class, and 2-3 hours on the range.  On day 2, you'll spend about 3 hours in the class and 5 hours on the range learning the skills you'll need.  In between, you'll have 2 hours of homework to complete.  Even then, you'll need to constantly practice, and I encourage my students to come back for our clinics/workshops or more advanced courses to continually hone their skills.

    Sure.  I'll do many fewer concealed carry classes... and with fewer students in each.  But both I and my students will have confidence in the fact that they have a significantly greater chance of surviving a "last resort" encounter than those that might simply have learned the "basic minimums".  After all, when it comes to protecting your life or the lives of your loved ones, are you really willing to settle for the bare minimum?



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