Raising the bar on Personal Defense firearms training to professional operator levels...

Our Instruction

What you can expect...

Unlike some other courses, you'll not experience hours of droning lecture in the classroom.  Our classes are dynamic, highly interactive sessions where we not only impart knowledge, but also bring you into the experience by challenging you with thought provoking questions and scenarios in which you must apply your new-found knowledge.  We also prompt you to bring your own previous knowledge and experience into play.

As seasoned trainers experienced in the Developmental Approch to adult education, we step you through the learning process that takes you from the simple to the complex and the known to the unknown in easily followed increments. Moreover, we'll provide you with all of the course objectives in advance which allows you to know exactly what you are expected to learn, and how we'll expect you to demonstrate that learning (essentially telling you what you'll be tested on, and how you'll be tested).  Each lesson will have an overview of what will be taught, we'll teach you, then review what we taught you.  We'll highlight the original objectives to insure that you understand the information, skills, etc.

On the range, you'll not simply and predictably be putting holes in paper targets; you'll not be told how many rounds to put into your magazines, you'll keep them full and reload as required.  Our contextually based drills will simulate as much as possible, real world defensive situations.  You'll be presenting your firearm from concealment, firing one or more shots in rapid succession, moving, shooting, reloading and shooting some more as the situations dictate, and all under the watchful eyes of professional instructors and range safety officers.

Because we use a relay 'buddy system', you'll alternately be shooting or coaching your partner.  By using this methodology you'll not only have increased your own shooting skills, but have gained the ability to properly coach others to increase theirs... because the best way to learn something is to teach it!

Our Team

Eric Forsman

Senior Instructor/Owner
Professional Adult Education Instructor
International Training Experience
NRA Certified Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
Delta Defense & I.C.E. Counter Ambush Certified
Missouri Concealed Carry Certified Instructor
USACarry Registered Instructor
Next Level Training Affiliate Instructor
Professional Memberships: NRA, GSSF

Eric has had 7 years of military experience and 4 years of law enforcement experience, emergency management experience as well as over 40 years of experience with rifles, carbines and pistols.

As a professional trainer with 30 years of experience, he was a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and the senior instructor for an International Training headquarters based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this capacity he created 1,2 and 3 week training courses, including student materials, training aids, audio visual productions, etc. While his primary duities included overseeing and training instructors to teach these courses, he spent considerable time teaching courses both domestically and internationally either in a native or common language, or through the use of interpreters.

Known as a highly successful trainer, Eric has been retained by both civilian industry and government entities (including the Navy and Air Force) to provide a variety of training programs.

Eric speaks 5 languages, is a published author (technical), keynote convention speaker, instrument rated pilot, PADI Certified SCUBA diver, and HAM Radio Operator (KC0LWV).

Leslie Shrum

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Krista L. Freese

Law Enforcement/Defensive Tactics/Personal Protection
POST Certified Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor
CPTED Trainer of Trainers
Crime Free Lifestyle Trainer
Range Safety Officer

Ms. Freese is veteran law enforcement officer whose expertise and experience provide valuable insights into state and local laws, police procedures as they apply to personal defense and defense inside the home, the neighborhood and outside the home in general.

Our Facilities


We have classroom facilities available in both Independence and Excelsior Springs, Missouri. For classes in other cities around the country we will arrange for a conference room at a local range facility or hotel/motel.   Contact us for more information.

Range Facilities

We prefer to hold our firing range sessions at private facilities where we are not in competition with the general public for range space. As such we have our own rustic outdoor facility including a small (5 lane) range and a 100 meter 'combat trail' through the woods (individual targets at 2-7 yards off the trail) located 7 miles north of Orrick, Missouri for use in the spring, summer and fall when weather permits.  At other times we use a private ddefensive shooting Instructor's Range.

Alpha Range At either range students (as applicable and appropriate) will present their firearms from concealment to engage one or more targets with rapid, multiple round fire; fire from standing, sitting, kneeling or prone (stomach or back) positions, from behind cover, artificial room walls, etc.

Both ranges allow for the use of vehicles on the range for specialized vehicle based shooting. Our outdoor range also allows for firing at targets in multiple directions (i.e. in front and back of the shooter, either side of the shooter, front and side of the shooter, etc.



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