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Develop the skills of a VIP Close Protection Bodyguard

When choosing to carry a firearm for personal protection, you are essentially taking on the role of the VIP Close Protection bodyguard, your VIP clients being yourself and your family.  In fulfilling that role, simply acquiring defensive shooting skills is not sufficient.  Our training programs follow a proven, comprehensive and synergystic personal protection philosophy, perspective and mindset which greatly enhances the defensive skills in real-world situations.  It also drives the mental conditioning and awareness in your daily life that helps you avoid falling victim to those that would do you harm.  We'll teach you the situational awareness methods and techniques used by VIP Close Protection professionals that allow you to maintain a high level of awareness of your surroundings without the need to spend your day consciously thinking about it. (Threat awareness without paranoia!) . We'll teach your how to deter the threats you can't avoid, and to escape and evade those that can't be deterred.  As a means of last resort, we can teach you to shoot with the finesse, speed and accuracy of special operations personnel.


Latest News

NOTICE: 11/15/15 - Due to the current world/national situation, the class and workshop schedule is being suspended in order to provide current advanced level students with specialized classes and workshops covering the following subjects:

Close Protection in crowded venue active shooter situations
Advanced Situational Awareness
Tactical Awareness & response
Counter Ambush Strategies/Methods/Techniques
Hand Signal Communications and Team Coordination
APCS Team Counter Ambush and Escape Workshop
For more information contact us directly

NOTICE: 12/19/15 - We have put together a 1 day (8 hour) class to be available on 01/09/16 that incorporates the following

Advanced Situational Awareness
Counter Ambush: Crowded Venue Active Shooter

This will be a clasroom only presentation geared for basic/mid level students and the public.
For more information contact us directly

Counter Ambush: Crowded Venue Active Shooter

You are in a crowded venue. It may be either indoors or outdoors, but for our example we'll examine indoors. It could be a theater, a sporting event, a concert, a holiday party in a crowded hotel ballroom, etc. We'll use the latter in our example.

The room is noisy, and perhaps not well lit to suit the mood of the gathering. There are hundreds of people in the room enjoying the event when suddenly a door opens and in rush one or more active shooters with high capacity "assault" type long guns blazing. In the next few seconds, much will happen.

First, upon recognition of the gunshots, everyone in the room will succumb to some level of Body Alarm Response (AKA fight or flight response, panic response, startle reponse, etc.). A massive amount of adrenaline will be pumped through their bodies eliciting a variety of both physiological and psychological responses. Initially they will experience rapid heartbeat and breathing, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, fine motor skill loss, gastro-intestinal system shutdown and more. For most, panic will set in and they will either freeze in place or attempt to escape. Because of echoing, they may not initially recognize the direction from which the shots are coming, and will attempt to flee in any direction, pushing, shoving, diving to the floor. Others, wounded or killed will also be falling to the floor, with others either tripping over them or trampling them in the panic. Bullets, ricochets, pieces of debris, blood, bone fragments and brain matter may be flying through the air. Not only do you suffer from auditory exclusion, but you may be suffering deafness, ringing in the ears and possibly accompanying dizzyness from the loudness of the gunshots, screams of the panicked and screams of the wounded.

As a person that has taken on the responsibility of protecting your family by carrying a firearm, and having one or more people with you, what do you do now?

If you are standing still you either are or shortly will be a target. If you pull out your firearm, will you have a clear shot at the assailant(s) with people rushing around you, bumping, shoving or jostling you? Will someone in panic mode think you are one of the shooters and attempt to grab your firarm or tackle you to the gound. Will another CCW, untrained, think you are a shooter and try to take you down? What happens if another CCW person, taking the advice of the head of one of the leading training organizations, simply pulls his firearm and starts to shoot back, making himself, and you next to him, targets? What if someone behind you takes that kind of advice? If you've shown your firearm but can't get a clear shot (people between you and the shooter getting in the way or people behind the shooter), the firearm may be seen by the assailant, who armed with his rifle is not afraid to shoot through the innocents to take you down.

If you want to make your way towards an exit, how do you convey exactly what and how you want to do that to others with you for whom you may be responsible when they may not be able to hear you? What if you approach the exit but it is jammed with people fighting each other to get out, and those at the outside of the "scrum" are being shot?

You have only seconds to react. What would you do? What is your Action Plan for that scenario? You don't have time to wargame the situation. You need to know what are your primary options, and what observations you need to make (or should have already made) to make the decision on your options. Do you pull out your firearm? If you do, and you happen to have a clear field of fire, do you look for a "kill shot" or do you lay down suppresive fire to get yourself and those with you to safety? What situations would lend themselves to each? Things like this need to be thought out well in advance and be practiced to make them a part of your possible "programmed" responses.

If you got pinned down behind some cover (keeping in mind that cover sufficient to protect you from pistol fire may not be sufficient to protect you from rifle fire), and there may be other trained CCW folks somewhere in the room, how could you identify and coordinate with them to help each other escape the situation, or battle the assailants? What are the types of tactics would you coordinate? How would you assign fields of fire (sometimes quadrant or slice in front/next to you, sometimes crossing)?

I often see people on the internet say that if they had been at this situation or that, they having their sidearm would have made the outcome of the situation different. I agree, it would have been different. Yet, if not fully taking into account the circumstances of the situation, and being untrained for that situation, that outcome, while different, may not be different in the way they expect.

Get Professional Training! There is no right answer, numerous options to consider based on key elements of the situation, but plenty of wrong answers to avoid. You need to know which options are available depending on those key elements, but equally those that will not work, or potentially could lead to other consequences. In some situations you may have to pick the best of the worst options. It is also critical to know how to avoid the consequences of other armed but untrained persons in the vicinity, and/or how to capitalize on their mistakes to your (and maybe their) advantage. You also need to learn how to take advantage of the mistakes of the assailant(s).

Get Professional Training! Get if from professional instructors that understand that this is not a military assault or SWAT team operation (not from your perspective, at least).

If there is one thing I can tell you just from observation of trainees it is this. If you do manage to be in such a situation and are able to get yourself and your friends/loved ones to safety, do not burst out of the doors of the venue with your family/friends in front and you behind with a firearm in your hand! Police outside will be yelling at you to drop the gun, not knowing who you are. You (under BAR and maybe noise deafness) probably will not be able to hear them, but if you hear someone yelling something, turning towards them, especially if you also turn with the gun, may make the excitement of your escape somewhat less exhilerating, if you understand what might happen. Drill into your mind that no matter what happens, holster your firearm and put your hands over your head BEFORE you make it through the door!

As I always say, if you carry a firearm for personal defense, you have by its nature assumed the role of a VIP Close Protection bodyguard, your VIP clients being yourself and your family. If you and your family frequent crowded venues (even shopping malls), you owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to best survive an ambush type ituation in those venues, especially in today's terrorism threat environment.

Get Professional Training!

Private Training

We specialize in providing private, discrete training to those who may be considered to be "high profile" individuals, those facing threats (i.e. women with stalkers), or those that may wish to keep a "low" profile regarding their firearms training, concealed carry, etc. (i.e. teachers, administrators).  We can arrange the knowledge training at your home or other discrete location, and live-fire training on a private shooting range. 

For more information about your particluar needs, contact us via our Contact Page.

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    Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely. This course is at least 8-hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

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  • Advanced Concealed Carry

    Means of Last Resort developed this course to provide students the opportunity to learn and develop essential skill sets, tactics, and concepts as they relate to the use of a concealed handgun and aspects of personal protection.

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Featured Skill-Builder Workshops

  • Intro to APCS

    This workshop introduces students with the basics of the Advanced Pistol Combat System. They will learn and practice both sighted and unsighted firing, rapid fire sequences, movement, ambidexterous shooting,

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  • Advanced APCS

    Building on the knowledge and skills learned in the Intro to APCS workshops, students learn more advanced shooting, movement and weapons manipulation skills and the ability to utilize them in defensive type scenarios.

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  • Close Quarters APCS

    In this session students will learn and practice tactical and shooting techniques to be used in defensive situations when the assailant is within 2 meters of the student.

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  • Multiple Assailants

    In this session students will practice exclusively with multiple assailant scenarios. Many scenarios will involve 'innocents' in the vicinity of either or both the assailants and themselves, of between themselves or

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  • Shooting from Vehicles

    This workshop will focus on the shooting skills, techniques and tactics used when firing from within a vehicle, exiting the vehicle, or using the vehicle as cover and fighting around the vehicle.

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  • Close Quarters Combatives

    This is a higly restricted workshop. Students applying for this workshop should have successfully completed ALL other workshops and have their instructor's recommendation to attend the workshop.

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  • Team Tactics & Comm

    This training provides the skills to two (or more) person teams that may be together when faced with a defensive situation. Participants will learn the teamwork and communications required to

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  • Shoot/No Shoot Training

    This training is conducted in a state-of-the-art video projection and laser firearm facility that is exactly the same type of system used by military, law enforcement and contractor personnel. Each participant will be faced

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  • House Clearing (Range)

    As with the Shoot/No Shoot training, this training is conducted at a state-of-the-art shoot house using laser based weapons. Participants will learn the finer points of house/building clearing with real-life scenarios

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  • Support Hand Operations

    This workshop is dedicated to shooting and manipulating the firearm with the students support/off hand.  This includes presenting the firearm from the holster, firing with defensive accuracy, reloading and

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